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Okay, so maybe Dawn of Time is not the best code base choice.  I have been looking for muds running it and I can't find any running a skill-based system instead of level and/or class based system.  If I have to rip the level code out (okay, it isn't actually ripping, more like changing some stuff around) I might as well go with Smaug since I know it is easy to make that change to the base code.  Kahuna says as long as he doesn't have to admin or (sigh) play, he would be happy to do a little coding for me.

I am also having trouble finding a host.  I don't mind paying, but I really don't want to pay more than around five bucks a month.  I just don't want to sink huge amounts of money in at the 'oh wow, you have ten rooms' stage.  All I really need is the shell, one background process, some actual space and bandwidth (smaug is not a big eater) and a few connections. If anyone has any host recs that might work please let me know.

While searching for Mud related info I found a couple of cool tabletop-oriented sites:

Newbie DM shares a couple of free (and amazingly cool) mapping tools he found .

RPG Bloggers is a network of game blogs. Sort of a blog listing other blog entries.  Lots of articles and posts on tabletop gaming.

And Gaming Brouhaha lists and discusses RPGs designed for busy adults.  There is a followup post on the subject HERE that includes links to several indie presses.
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While I feel weird discussing them.  As I have mentioned previously, this was supposed to be a 'hey, building a mud' log.  Now that it isn't I sometimes wonder what to post.

(I already have a blog that my family-oriented stuff shows up on)

I have been trying out muds.  (I considered reviewing them but since many of them are still in beta it seemed a little unfair)  I found one with the theme I want to build but the head guys are never around.  No one is ever around.  Nine in the morning, two in the afternoon or one in the morning, never anyone on.  I thought about leaving an email but the code is ROM, nothing is non-stock and doors are a...er...pain...to build.

Hmmm...non-game, non-game.  Oh, the baby fell asleep in the one room I need to clean while she is sleeping.  There has to be a term for that.  I usually cook part of dinner ahead while she naps and that is a bust as well since she fell asleep in the kitchen.

(It isn't like she just flopped on floor or anything. It is the only room with AC and her playpen is in there.)

I was going to make fried chicken but it is 95 already and if I make it the kitchen will be too hot to actually eat it. 

I think pizza is the way to go.

*goes to check out more muds*
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Okay, so maybe I am still considering a mud.  I have been building a city and looking over codebases.  If I decide to go ahead and start work on one I need a code Kahuna is familiar with so when I get hopelessly lost (when, not if) he can help me untangle the mess.

I am also looking for one that has a lot of builder-friendly features already coded in.  I have no desire to reinvent the wheel.  If someone else has done the work I am fine with using it. 

At the same time I am also considering just going off to build for someone.  Except we get into issues of time and also theme.  I have several areas I want to build but don't know how to go about finding a mud they will fit on.  I have been checking out some muds that need builders but so far the themes are not exactly what I am looking for.   I am also not sure how many bites I would get with the "er, sometimes I can build daily, but othertimes it might be a week or more between log ins' ad.  I would love to build for the right mud, but I can't lie and promise them the moon.  Not when my schedule is so unpredictable.

I plan to spend a couple a days looking over more muds.  And maybe going over Dawn of Time to see if it would work. We'll see.
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Campaign creation is very different for me now than when I was younger.  With a baby, the house renovations, the garden and a host of other things I just don't have much time to spend on world building.

I am also more easily distracted.  Every time I walk by a window showing the pool I spend a few minutes trying to decide whether to go for a swim or not.  Add in the constant interruptions by my teenager (she is working on a Pokemon forum for rp and has to show me every graphic she does for the site) as well as just the normal flow of daily life and staying on track becomes even more difficult. 

So I went looking for stuff to make my game designing easier.  Here are a few of the sites I found.

is aimed at SF&Fantasy writers and readers but their world building page is an awesome resource for DM's and builders.  I especially like the Town Generator.  You plug in your city size and it gives you a list of how many shops, inns and other merchants your town would have.  (Sooooo many cobblers)  I thought the numbers ran a little high.  A town with the same population as mine (the town I live in is situated on a major interstate and a stop off point for people heading to the beach or following the golf trail)  has more restaurants (taverns) and more hotels (inns).  In fact it had more total merchants.  I'll still use it, but I'll adjust the numbers down a bit.

While hunting around I also found the RPG Gateway. This is a huge collection of links, news and resources for gamers.

There are a few more but they will have to wait.  I have succumbed to the lure of the pool. ;)
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So I was going to start a log to chart the progress of my mud.  Got the code, then the account. Set everything up and started making maps. 

Happy mud creator is happy -

Until Kahuna the Koder tells me he really isn't all that interested in coding a mud.  He only said yes because I wanted to build one.

Yes, that broken, smouldering wreck over in the corner is the smashed remains of my mud dream.

To be fair, neither of us really has enough spare time to actually put a mud together.  And we really don't have the time to try and admin once it is open.  So in a way it was better to stop before we lost a lot of time.

Except now I have a journal.  I hate to let it sit empty so I decided to use it as an rpg gaming blog.   Game logs, product reviews, my musings on dice and my soon to be new D&D campaign.

Anyway, I need to finish my 4e review and hunt down a decent dice icon.

For the newbies surfing by -

Kit's handy-dandy definitions

Mud - online text game where you kill stuff and rp.  Mud rp is kind of like being in a play where you know the basic theme of the story, the other characters and sets are there but they forgot to give you the script. 

RP gaming  - role-playing (no, not that kind...sheesh)  here, go to wikipedia.


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