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or Kit's Guide to Oblivion 4:The Elder Scrolls for the Video Game Challenged- part one

I have been playing Oblivion 4 and although there are tons of help files and guides for people who are actually good at playing video/computer games, there are very few for those of us that suck are not proficient at gaming. Since I am already working on a series of articles on the locations of potion ingredients  for the novice player I decided a beginner's guide would fit along side nicely.

The Tutorial.

The tutorial is designed to be easy and help you get familiar with skills, spells and actions. Even so, here are a few tips to make it even easier to complete.
1) Once you get through the scripted intro set your difficulty bar to the lowest setting. You will find it under 'options' 'gameplay'. Under 'options' 'video' you will find a brightness bar. Set it about three quarters of the way on. Most of the tutorial is underground and it can be hard to see objects in the darkness.

2) Pick up EVERYTHING. You can always dump equipment later if you become encumbered. I dump equipment I will not be using first and hang on to things like arrows, potion ingredients, jewelry and potions. It may seen like the big weapons and heavy armor would yield more gold, but at beginning and lower levels the lighter stuff always brings in more money. Do keep any weapons and armor you want to use later and DO remember to take the goblin shaman staff.

3) Hang on to your lockpicks. There is a good tutorial on lockpicking at OblivioWiki. If you really hate lockpicking you can use spells once you are out of the tutorial but there are a few locks in the game that can only be opened by lockpicks so keeping a supply is a good idea.

4) Sneak is your very best friend. Seriously, if you can shoot the critters before they even see you or tiptoe around them unseen it is a huge advantage.

5) You have to pick a class with Baurus but don't panic. You will have another chance to set all your skills before leaving the sewers.

6) After the Emperor's death you set off on your own. Try to use your bow to pick off the goblins and rats from a distance. And pick up your arrows as you go. If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed just take each room slowly and save often.

7) When you reach the sewer gate you can change all your information. Race, appearance, class and birthsign can all be switched around to your liking. There are three ways to approach your class. You can pick a preformed class from the list, you can chose the skills that make sense for the characater you want to play or you can pick skills that don't autolevel and that you don't use often to slow the advancement of your character. This is called efficient leveling and it makes for a more powerful character in the long run but it also slows your leveling down to a crawl. For new players I recommend choosing a pre-determined class. They are fairly well balanced and you level at a decent pace.

Before you exit the sewers save your game. Do not save over this file! If you want to restart or try out a different character you can start from this point, rather than going through the tutorial again.

Extra points of interest.

Alteration gives you spells like ease burden and water breathing, as well as the pick lock spells. Restoration has healing and spells like fortify strength and absorb health. I would recommend choosing at least one of these as a primary skill. Starting out with one of these at apprentice level gives a newbie player a big advantage.

Remember, we are not going for strict role play realism here...we just want to stay alive long enough to get some experience playing the game.

For an explanation of each school of magic and info on the various spells check out the Spells page and links on OblivioWiki.
Encumbered is just a fancy way of saying your character is carrying too much stuff to move. ;)

- Kit

Graphics courtesy of Gamespy and used according to the IGN User Agreement
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This is the first in a series of posts detailing the locations of various potion ingredients in the game The Elder Scrolls:Oblivion IV.  This is not a tutorial on gameplay or a walkthrough.  If you need one of those check out OblivioWiki

Alchemy is a magic skill under the attribute Intelligence.  This means your intelligence affects how powerful your potions are and also means when you raise your alchemy level you are also potentually raising your intelligence attribute. 

Alchemy is a great way to make money, especially at low level when you can't carry much loot.  Alchemical ingredients are small and light weight so you can carry large amounts of them without becoming encumbered. 

You can start gathering ingredients during the tutorial.  Along the cave and tunnel floors you will find Cairn Bolate, Wisp Stalk and Stinkhorn mushrooms.  You get rat meat from the rats you kill and a mort flesh from the zombie.  I also picked up tomatoes, lettuce and cheese wedges off the floor.  There is a goblin in the tunnels with a mortar and pestle.  Pick the mortar and pestle up as you can't make potions without it.

Check the kegs, chests and goblins in the latter half of the tutorial.  I picked up flour, some cheese wheels and a garlic but it seems to be random.

Once you are outside the sewers you can pick up Clouded Funnel Cap and Green Stain Cap mushrooms just to the left of the sewer entrance.  You can also pick off a few mud crabs for crab meat.  Unless you took Alchemy as a major skill, all you will be able to see is one potion effect.  Go ahead and make some potions.  Most of them will be damage fatigue or restore fatigue but don't worry about it.  The merchants will buy them whatever they are.  Don't worry about saving any ingredients, with the exception of garlic all of them are fairly easy to find.

(always save my garlic.  If you catch porphyric hemophilia (vampirism) and can't reach a temple or take a cure disease potion in time you may need the garlic for a quest to de-vamp yourself.) 

If you reach level twenty five while potion making you get two effects available for each ingredient.  This enables you to make detect life, damage and restore health, night eye and a few other potions handy at the lower levels.  If you still haven't, don't worry.  It should only take a few more potions before you gain apprentice.

After you make your potions, (and do the gear checking-weapon/spell choosing thing) head off into the water toward the large ruins or visible glow of campfires.  (depending on time of day)  Watch out for slaughterfish (yay scales - good for waterbreathing) and crabs. You will need to defeat the bandits camping outside the ruin but once you do you can search the area for ingredients. 

The bandits have an assortment of food and some garlic.  They also have quite a few arrows and fur armor if you missed picking those up during the tutorial.  Scattered aound the area are broken casks with food and a little bit of searching will turn up Foxglove, Monkshood and Bergamot.  On the west side of the ruins is a small dock.  After you gleefully loot the chests, step off and hunt around the rocks at the water's edge.  You should find a big glowing plant.  This is Nirnroot and you will need a lot of them for a quest later in the game.  You can also pick off a few more crabs for the meat.

This is the point in my games where I start to get close to my max carry abilities so I usually cross the water back to the sewer entrance, then climb up the eastern side of the hill to the city bridge.  This leads to the Market District and that is a subject for another post. 
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So I am looking over the journal and it really needs some tweaking. 

My first tweak was to go ahead and get a paid account.  Since I checked in last many, many new styles have been added and I want to look over a few of them.  I like my graphics but I get tired of looking at them after a while. 

I am working on a series of posts focusing on where to find the various potion ingredients in Oblivion:4.  There are several tutorials that list what effects each plant or food possess but I haven't found one detailing 'where' you find the ingredients. 

(like - search the woods and fields outside Chorrol to find Viper's Bugloss)

I am breaking it down by area and following an rp route rather than a 'strictly on the map' route.   This means I'll cover sections of the Imperial City as the character wanders through instead of covering the whole city in one article.  The same for the rest of the map.  I may eventually toss it all up as a pdf but for now I am just posting sections.

Okay, off to tweak.

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So we went to see Iran (the band, not the country) and the opening act was okay.  A little too dance - techno for my taste but still not a bad set.  Then we waited patiently for the guys to show.  They never did.  Up came the lights. Out were shooed the people. Kahuna said, 'Looks like you have an entry for your music blog tomorrow' and then we grumbled about it the whole way to the tavern. He also complained about my constant stopping to pick mushroom and herbs and kept bugging me to trade swords with him.

Then I woke up.

I think I stayed up wayyyy too late playing Oblivion:The Elder Scrolls.

I was really having a blast until my sneak improved enough that I started moving at a good pace.  Then I got lost in a cave and kept going in circles.  Literally - I was circling rooms looking for an exit.  Then the 'Quake' factor kicked in and I had to log off and go to bed before I got sick. 

(I can't play games like Quake and Doom because they make me queasy.  It is very annoying)

Oblivion was also the only game play we did this weekend.  Everyone had conflicting plans so we postponed the game session till next weekend.  (or possibly one night next week.)

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