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While I feel weird discussing them.  As I have mentioned previously, this was supposed to be a 'hey, building a mud' log.  Now that it isn't I sometimes wonder what to post.

(I already have a blog that my family-oriented stuff shows up on)

I have been trying out muds.  (I considered reviewing them but since many of them are still in beta it seemed a little unfair)  I found one with the theme I want to build but the head guys are never around.  No one is ever around.  Nine in the morning, two in the afternoon or one in the morning, never anyone on.  I thought about leaving an email but the code is ROM, nothing is non-stock and doors are a...er...pain...to build.

Hmmm...non-game, non-game.  Oh, the baby fell asleep in the one room I need to clean while she is sleeping.  There has to be a term for that.  I usually cook part of dinner ahead while she naps and that is a bust as well since she fell asleep in the kitchen.

(It isn't like she just flopped on floor or anything. It is the only room with AC and her playpen is in there.)

I was going to make fried chicken but it is 95 already and if I make it the kitchen will be too hot to actually eat it. 

I think pizza is the way to go.

*goes to check out more muds*


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