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So i have been playing a mmorpg (I know, I know) and kind of like it.  It is called Perfect World International and is mostly free.

(as in, yes the game is completely free but there is an option to buy nifty things you might not be able to get in-game, or might not be able to afford in-game)

Having reached a lofty enough level I snagged my cash and started a faction called Privateer.  Mostly so other factions would leave me alone about joining but also because I will likely never find a faction laid back enough that I could join them and not be miserable. Anyway, I have set up the faction site with info and members pages.  I'll be working on links between here and the site today so if it looks odd, it is not broken.

In other gaming news:

Perfect World is running a Bonus Zen special today.  They are adding an additional 15% to any you buy. From the website: 

PWE is having a huge blowout ZEN Sale!

This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only, when you charge your ZEN for ANY of our games:

Perfect World International, Ether Saga Online, Jade Dynasty, or Battle of the Immortals,

you will get an extra 15% ZEN absolutely free!


If you have been a little 'meh' about buying Zen this could be a cheaper way to get some.  It would be great if we saw a corresponding drop with in-game prices but I seriously doubt that will happen. I know it isn't a popular view but most of what you can buy from other players in game is way overpriced. 


Bringing me to my next point.  if you are newbie-ish and working on the crafting quests I have the base Mats (materials) needed to complete the first level of quests for a very low price.  The mats run 250 each and I'll sell any given player enough to complete the quests. My shop is Tap and Dye and I can usually be found near the Apothecary in Plume and near the Teleport Master in Etherblade and the City of the Lost.  I'll be also be adding a link to article with the quest requirements and mat locations sometime this weekend if you would prefer to gather your own mats.


See ya in-game,


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