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Campaign creation is very different for me now than when I was younger.  With a baby, the house renovations, the garden and a host of other things I just don't have much time to spend on world building.

I am also more easily distracted.  Every time I walk by a window showing the pool I spend a few minutes trying to decide whether to go for a swim or not.  Add in the constant interruptions by my teenager (she is working on a Pokemon forum for rp and has to show me every graphic she does for the site) as well as just the normal flow of daily life and staying on track becomes even more difficult. 

So I went looking for stuff to make my game designing easier.  Here are a few of the sites I found.

is aimed at SF&Fantasy writers and readers but their world building page is an awesome resource for DM's and builders.  I especially like the Town Generator.  You plug in your city size and it gives you a list of how many shops, inns and other merchants your town would have.  (Sooooo many cobblers)  I thought the numbers ran a little high.  A town with the same population as mine (the town I live in is situated on a major interstate and a stop off point for people heading to the beach or following the golf trail)  has more restaurants (taverns) and more hotels (inns).  In fact it had more total merchants.  I'll still use it, but I'll adjust the numbers down a bit.

While hunting around I also found the RPG Gateway. This is a huge collection of links, news and resources for gamers.

There are a few more but they will have to wait.  I have succumbed to the lure of the pool. ;)


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