Jun. 7th, 2009

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So I was going to start a log to chart the progress of my mud.  Got the code, then the account. Set everything up and started making maps. 

Happy mud creator is happy -

Until Kahuna the Koder tells me he really isn't all that interested in coding a mud.  He only said yes because I wanted to build one.

Yes, that broken, smouldering wreck over in the corner is the smashed remains of my mud dream.

To be fair, neither of us really has enough spare time to actually put a mud together.  And we really don't have the time to try and admin once it is open.  So in a way it was better to stop before we lost a lot of time.

Except now I have a journal.  I hate to let it sit empty so I decided to use it as an rpg gaming blog.   Game logs, product reviews, my musings on dice and my soon to be new D&D campaign.

Anyway, I need to finish my 4e review and hunt down a decent dice icon.

For the newbies surfing by -

Kit's handy-dandy definitions

Mud - online text game where you kill stuff and rp.  Mud rp is kind of like being in a play where you know the basic theme of the story, the other characters and sets are there but they forgot to give you the script. 

RP gaming  - role-playing (no, not that kind...sheesh)  here, go to wikipedia.


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