Jun. 16th, 2009

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So we played the first session in Kahuna's new campaign Saturday afternoon. As usual, he can't DM by any known rules so he makes up his own.  He has been playing Oblivion and that heavily influenced the game mechanics.

We started as 0 level characters (hey, it could have been worse.  He once ran a campaign where I was playing a wizard but had no memory of who I was.  Lots of accidental damage to myself and everything around me ensued.  He likes doing stuff like that.)

His campaign is set up so any char can learn any skill.  I like this kind of play but it does make it hard to decide where you want to take your char.  Since there are no (well, very few) boundaries, knowing what to try and learn is more complicated.  One player is having a lot of trouble with this so she and I spent yesterday morning chatting and trying to put some definition in so she had a better framework to play from. 

As for the game itself, there was plague...nasty slayers of all who have the plague...forced deportation of those that survive or are immune to the plague...sand...more sand...goblins...and hands down the most frustrating locks in all the history of locks.  I would do a log but a good portion of the time was spent rolling up characters and getting a tiny bit of background.  The rest was spent trying to get those blasted wagons open to hopefully find some water.  We didn't.  One player blew up a wagon (it was an accident) and in doing so blew up the only tool we had found capable of breaking the locks on the other wagons.  And I really can't complain since I temporarily blinded myself trying to cast a spell. 

In spite of all this, or maybe because of it, we all had a great time.

Next Week : A daring rescue is plotted and hopefully performed.  Also, some of us learn how to wear armor!


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