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or Kit's Guide to Oblivion 4:The Elder Scrolls for the Video Game Challenged- part one

I have been playing Oblivion 4 and although there are tons of help files and guides for people who are actually good at playing video/computer games, there are very few for those of us that suck are not proficient at gaming. Since I am already working on a series of articles on the locations of potion ingredients  for the novice player I decided a beginner's guide would fit along side nicely.

The Tutorial.

The tutorial is designed to be easy and help you get familiar with skills, spells and actions. Even so, here are a few tips to make it even easier to complete.
1) Once you get through the scripted intro set your difficulty bar to the lowest setting. You will find it under 'options' 'gameplay'. Under 'options' 'video' you will find a brightness bar. Set it about three quarters of the way on. Most of the tutorial is underground and it can be hard to see objects in the darkness.

2) Pick up EVERYTHING. You can always dump equipment later if you become encumbered. I dump equipment I will not be using first and hang on to things like arrows, potion ingredients, jewelry and potions. It may seen like the big weapons and heavy armor would yield more gold, but at beginning and lower levels the lighter stuff always brings in more money. Do keep any weapons and armor you want to use later and DO remember to take the goblin shaman staff.

3) Hang on to your lockpicks. There is a good tutorial on lockpicking at OblivioWiki. If you really hate lockpicking you can use spells once you are out of the tutorial but there are a few locks in the game that can only be opened by lockpicks so keeping a supply is a good idea.

4) Sneak is your very best friend. Seriously, if you can shoot the critters before they even see you or tiptoe around them unseen it is a huge advantage.

5) You have to pick a class with Baurus but don't panic. You will have another chance to set all your skills before leaving the sewers.

6) After the Emperor's death you set off on your own. Try to use your bow to pick off the goblins and rats from a distance. And pick up your arrows as you go. If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed just take each room slowly and save often.

7) When you reach the sewer gate you can change all your information. Race, appearance, class and birthsign can all be switched around to your liking. There are three ways to approach your class. You can pick a preformed class from the list, you can chose the skills that make sense for the characater you want to play or you can pick skills that don't autolevel and that you don't use often to slow the advancement of your character. This is called efficient leveling and it makes for a more powerful character in the long run but it also slows your leveling down to a crawl. For new players I recommend choosing a pre-determined class. They are fairly well balanced and you level at a decent pace.

Before you exit the sewers save your game. Do not save over this file! If you want to restart or try out a different character you can start from this point, rather than going through the tutorial again.

Extra points of interest.

Alteration gives you spells like ease burden and water breathing, as well as the pick lock spells. Restoration has healing and spells like fortify strength and absorb health. I would recommend choosing at least one of these as a primary skill. Starting out with one of these at apprentice level gives a newbie player a big advantage.

Remember, we are not going for strict role play realism here...we just want to stay alive long enough to get some experience playing the game.

For an explanation of each school of magic and info on the various spells check out the Spells page and links on OblivioWiki.
Encumbered is just a fancy way of saying your character is carrying too much stuff to move. ;)

- Kit

Graphics courtesy of Gamespy and used according to the IGN User Agreement
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So we played the first session in Kahuna's new campaign Saturday afternoon. As usual, he can't DM by any known rules so he makes up his own.  He has been playing Oblivion and that heavily influenced the game mechanics.

We started as 0 level characters (hey, it could have been worse.  He once ran a campaign where I was playing a wizard but had no memory of who I was.  Lots of accidental damage to myself and everything around me ensued.  He likes doing stuff like that.)

His campaign is set up so any char can learn any skill.  I like this kind of play but it does make it hard to decide where you want to take your char.  Since there are no (well, very few) boundaries, knowing what to try and learn is more complicated.  One player is having a lot of trouble with this so she and I spent yesterday morning chatting and trying to put some definition in so she had a better framework to play from. 

As for the game itself, there was plague...nasty slayers of all who have the plague...forced deportation of those that survive or are immune to the plague...sand...more sand...goblins...and hands down the most frustrating locks in all the history of locks.  I would do a log but a good portion of the time was spent rolling up characters and getting a tiny bit of background.  The rest was spent trying to get those blasted wagons open to hopefully find some water.  We didn't.  One player blew up a wagon (it was an accident) and in doing so blew up the only tool we had found capable of breaking the locks on the other wagons.  And I really can't complain since I temporarily blinded myself trying to cast a spell. 

In spite of all this, or maybe because of it, we all had a great time.

Next Week : A daring rescue is plotted and hopefully performed.  Also, some of us learn how to wear armor!

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Campaign creation is very different for me now than when I was younger.  With a baby, the house renovations, the garden and a host of other things I just don't have much time to spend on world building.

I am also more easily distracted.  Every time I walk by a window showing the pool I spend a few minutes trying to decide whether to go for a swim or not.  Add in the constant interruptions by my teenager (she is working on a Pokemon forum for rp and has to show me every graphic she does for the site) as well as just the normal flow of daily life and staying on track becomes even more difficult. 

So I went looking for stuff to make my game designing easier.  Here are a few of the sites I found.

is aimed at SF&Fantasy writers and readers but their world building page is an awesome resource for DM's and builders.  I especially like the Town Generator.  You plug in your city size and it gives you a list of how many shops, inns and other merchants your town would have.  (Sooooo many cobblers)  I thought the numbers ran a little high.  A town with the same population as mine (the town I live in is situated on a major interstate and a stop off point for people heading to the beach or following the golf trail)  has more restaurants (taverns) and more hotels (inns).  In fact it had more total merchants.  I'll still use it, but I'll adjust the numbers down a bit.

While hunting around I also found the RPG Gateway. This is a huge collection of links, news and resources for gamers.

There are a few more but they will have to wait.  I have succumbed to the lure of the pool. ;)
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So I was going to start a log to chart the progress of my mud.  Got the code, then the account. Set everything up and started making maps. 

Happy mud creator is happy -

Until Kahuna the Koder tells me he really isn't all that interested in coding a mud.  He only said yes because I wanted to build one.

Yes, that broken, smouldering wreck over in the corner is the smashed remains of my mud dream.

To be fair, neither of us really has enough spare time to actually put a mud together.  And we really don't have the time to try and admin once it is open.  So in a way it was better to stop before we lost a lot of time.

Except now I have a journal.  I hate to let it sit empty so I decided to use it as an rpg gaming blog.   Game logs, product reviews, my musings on dice and my soon to be new D&D campaign.

Anyway, I need to finish my 4e review and hunt down a decent dice icon.

For the newbies surfing by -

Kit's handy-dandy definitions

Mud - online text game where you kill stuff and rp.  Mud rp is kind of like being in a play where you know the basic theme of the story, the other characters and sets are there but they forgot to give you the script. 

RP gaming  - role-playing (no, not that kind...sheesh)  here, go to wikipedia.


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